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            Creating predictable results when implementing new technology.
"Creating predictable results when implementing new technology"
Contract Negotiation Services for IT Managers

Welcome to Leverage Consulting

Contract Negotiation Services for IT Managers

At Leverage Consulting we offer many services, but what we do best is negotiating complex Information Technology ("IT") agreements. We recognize that successfully negotiating complex multi-vendor agreements is critical to your project's success. We can help. Leverage Consulting knows that one of the most challenging project responsibilities is successfully negotiating long-term contracts with skilled information technology (IT) suppliers. Most companies do not have the experience to successfully negotiate with these firms. While the Project Manager seeks to reduce costs; the suppliers are expert at taking advantage of the customer's inexperience coupled with pressure of tight project deadlines. All factors play against the IT Manager who is busy evaluating the technology, while the supplier has already begun negotiating the deal.

Leverage Consulting immediately levels the playing field

Leverage Consulting, through its many negotiation experiences, knows how to counter the supplier and negotiate on behalf of its clients constructively. It is often difficult to know what a fair or reasonable price for services should be. Those who are not experienced in these types of complex agreements will be negotiating with companies that are very skilled in exploiting the customer - especially on a long-term basis. Generally, once a technology is implemented it is used for an average of ten years before it is replaced. For this reason, suppliers know that upfront discounts can be made up over the long haul if they are dealing with less than savvy negotiators. Leverage Consulting is your solution provider. We level the playing field, by creating individual solutions for our clients that protect their interests.

Common Mistakes

Lack of experience:
Technology managers do not negotiate complex agreements everyday; they can not be expected to recognize the unique "got you's" in each supplier's bag of tricks.

Often negotiations are deferred until the 11th hour when a "buy" decision is communicated. Unfortunately, while you have been concentrating on the technical considerations, the supplier has been gleaning useful information from your team throughout the entire process. Your ability to negotiate becomes diluted. Now you need to get the deal done - you're trapped!

Short-term approach:
These are long-term agreements. Once implemented the average IT project has a useful life of about 10 years. Upfront discounts can easily be made up through tricky language, unwritten policies, and long-term costs.

Let Leverage Consulting do the deal!

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