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Creating predictable results when implementing new technology.

Selling Strategies

Are you a good negotiator or just an excellent discounter? Leverage can help.

Leverage Consulting works with sales organizations to develop negotiation practices and pricing practices that improve profitability and success. Leverage Consulting is able to offer the "behind the curtain" view of what is happening during a sales process on the buyers side of the table. Services are coaching, deal desk, and training. This insight has helped sales people gain confidence through stronger negotiations. Through a training partnership with The Olsen Group, we are able to facilitate a new type of negotiation course for technology professionals called Create A Win

Leverage Consulting helps prepare the sales strategy for technology companies by giving them the inside track from the buyer side of the equation. We provides expertise in :

  • Deal Desk Reviews·

  • Pricing Models, especially Saas or Cloud Services·

  • Contracts Process Review·

  • Contract and License Evaluations

  • Sales Methodology and Approach