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Creating predictable results when implementing new technology.

Technology Procurement and Negotiation Services

Leverage Consulting understands that one of the most difficult tasks facing information system managers is successfully negotiating contracts with private sector information technology (IT) suppliers. Most companies are not experienced in negotiation with these technology and software firms. The suppliers take advantage of the customer’s lack of market knowledge and the customer’s urgent business need for improved IT systems, in order to boost compensation for their products and services. Those who are not experienced in these types of agreements may find themselves negotiating contracts with companies that have extensive skill in taking advantage of the customer – especially on a long-term basis. Generally, once a technology is implemented it is used for an average of ten (10) years before it is replaced. For this reason, suppliers know that upfront discounts can be made up over the long haul if they are dealing with less than savvy technology negotiators.

Leverage Consulting assist companies in implementing new technologies and provides assistance in:

  • SaaS Modeling/costs/risks/contracts·

  • Negotiations·

  • Project Management (purchasing, payments, and contracts)·

  • Sourcing (RFP’s, RFI’s, Competitive Analysis etc.)·

  • Contracts and License Agreements (Drafting and negotiation)·

  • Process Reengineering for procurement organizations