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Creating predictable results when implementing new technology.

Why Leverage

As technology clients, you do not have time to learn the lessons and downside of every supplier’s tricky agreements. Their attorneys and sales people have spent years developing these agreements for the specific purpose of making it difficult for clients to negotiate their way out of them. Contractual agreements should be fair and equitable. In order for these agreements to be useful instruments which represent both parties, they must be unambiguous as well. Successful long-term relationships between clients and suppliers rely on well written agreements. Suppliers often use poorly drafted or undefined provisions, in their agreements that are purposefully unclear. This tactic can be embarrassing for the project manager when a contractual issue arises.

Leverage Consulting brings 15 years of direct experience to the table at the first meeting.

Our goal is to draft clear, thorough agreements that represent the long-term interests of our clients. Leverage Consulting understands how to identify requirements and provide direction regarding reasonable costs for the proposed implementation of hardware, software, telecom, and services. We base this advice on market knowledge and other factors that are applicable to your project.

Leverage Consulting is uniquely suited to be your IT contract negotiation partner. We look forward to the opportunities and challenges ahead and seek to deliver excellent results to your project team.