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Creating predictable results when implementing new technology.

The Leverage Difference

At Leverage Consulting - Our style is different

Some negotiators hit you over the head with a hammer "we win – you lose". The firms that Lynda has negotiated with often say they feel Lynda is equitable. They appreciate that she seeks to understand their needs before beginning negotiations. The goal is to give the supplier only what they need to close the deal without forfeiting the client’s long-term interests. Suppliers these days are looking for far more than just revenue; there are many other factors at play. Leverage Consulting is able to weigh all these factors and prioritize based on the clients needs in order to achieve a good deal and a long-term partnership for both parties.

We are so certain of the value we provide that we perform and bill for services in three unique ways:

(a) Small percentage of overall savings – this option is good for first-time clients and guarantees their success.
(b) Hourly Services – usually the easiest way to work with clients who may have changing needs and requirements.
(c) Project Basis – We can estimate based on the software, hardware, telecom, and services purchases what our costs will be for your project.

Actual expenses are added to consulting fees.