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Creating predictable results when implementing new technology.

Our Experience

Leverage Consulting brings over 15 years of experience in negotiating large dollar technology purchases. We have negotiated with the biggest and the best in the industry. During the last 15 years, one thing is constant – a changing landscape with new "minefields" that are largely untested in terms of negotiation strategy. As technology clients, you do not have time to learn the lessons and downside of every supplier’s problematic agreements. Their attorneys and sales people have spent years developing these agreements for the specific purpose of making it difficult for clients like you to negotiate their way out of them. Leverage Consulting has seen it all in 15 years and through the years has learned how to counter with a strong position that supports your project. Technology firms have the resources to continually create new sales new models that generate more revenue in unique ways. Customers cannot fully understand the pitfalls of these new models and therefore make many mistakes when negotiating technology agreements. Do not let these be your mistakes.

Let the experts at Leverage Consulting work with you and your teams to save money, time, and lower your risk.

Our Lead Consultant, Lynda Corliss began negotiating these types of deals before the advent of personal computers, that was about 20 years ago, times have changed! In a mainframe world, the scenarios were different. Software was proprietary. Now, with the advent of personal computers, client server technologies, and open systems technologies, some large organizations are deciding to move back to the server with green screen terminal installations. We have come full circle and Leverage Consulting has experience with all these business models to help your teams negotiate a good deal quickly.