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Creating predictable results when implementing new technology.

Leverage Tools

Leverage Consulting uses tools we have developed to facilitate the unique needs of each client. We work with all parts of your organization to assess your needs and to help you succeed in developing good long-term partnerships with suppliers. Our tools are developed using both our direct negotiating experience and unique IT procurement skill set:

    We use our experience and market knowledge to provide best practices information to organizations purchasing services. Leverage Consulting works with its clients who are purchasing services to determine the best methodologies to use in order to guarantee that services performed provide maximum value. Achieving this can be difficult without market experience. Value for Services is difficult to assess if the methodology is not clearly defined in advance of performance.

   Leverage Consulting drafts contracts and license agreements that reflect the client interests, rather than starting from a position of weakness by accepting the technology firm’s one-sided agreements as the basis for beginning negotiations. The client has the maximum influence at the time of or prior to communicating the "buy" decision. Leverage Consulting can assist in contract creation, review of draft contracts, and making recommendations for minimizing ambiguities to improve contractual provisions.

   We have created industry specific templates to glean specific information and written commitment from suppliers. We work with each client and supplier to determine and set expectations for performance criteria.

   We have access to many experts in our field.We bring these experts to your project as needed for process re-engineering, compliance work, and for legal advice.