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Creating predictable results when implementing new technology.

Common Mistakes

Leverage Consulting creates predictable results when implementing new technology. We can promise this because of the number and scope of the large IT project implementations we have successfully negotiated.

The most common mistakes made by companies looking to implement new business systems (software, hardware, telecom, and implementation services) are:

(a) In a world where everyone is a negotiator it may be a difficult proposition to ask for help from an expert. Inexperienced managers are not aware of what is fair or even what they should demand. They may unknowingly create huge risk to their projects;

(b) The short-term approach to negotiating the upfront deal. This yields some monetary results in the short-term; however, these are long-term agreements. The costs for technical support, growth in numbers of users, and adding additional functionality over the term of the contract are some of the other factors that should be considered; and

(c) The urgency with which certain decisions are made and executed. These decisions have everything to do with technology, and nothing to do with forming good long-term partnerships for the benefit both parties. It is crucial to begin the negotiating process early in the evaluation/selection process to achieve maximum influence with the supplier.

"I won’t assume I can answer your IT technical support calls with limited my experience" – Don’t do a bad deal by yourself. Partner with the experts at Leverage Consulting. We want the opportunity to make you shine by achieving the best deal possible.